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Best Bounce Houses in Indy

Welcome to Indy Bounce Rentals, we specialize in bounce houses, inflatable slides, and combo units. We have made your rental process easy and all online. Our sole goal is for you to have a great and safe time using our products. You will be working only with professionals from Indy Bounce Rentals LLC.  We are fully insured and SIOTO certified.

Ordering your unit

You simply need to select a date, a unit, and Indy Bounce, LLC will take care of the rest. Once you have paid in full through our website you will receive a confirmation email and receipt for your payment. One of the owners will give you a call to confirm your appointment within a few days and make sure all your questions are answered. If you are uncomfortable paying in full online please call 317-438-6976 as other arrangements can be made.

Delivery Day

We will arrive with your unit at an agreed upon delivery window and complete all setup. At this time you will be required to go through some training by one of our professionals and cover all aspects of your unit. You will also be required to sign our rental agreement. Once the rental agreement has been signed and the unit setup; you’re 100% in control of the operation of the unit. Once the unit has been delivered and installed the refund period ends. Our rental period is 7 hours – please allow 2-3 hours for pickup. At this time we will inspect the unit for any damage and clean the unit. If damage has occurred you may responsible for the full replacement cost of the unit.


Each inflatable unit is different, but plan to have 20’ x 20’ area clear and ready for installation. Please clear the area of dog droppings and leaves.  It is recommended to mow any long grass. If you are renting our wet/dry slide a larger area will be required. Please make sure no overhanging tree limbs or other items are blocking the installation area. There will need to be a 110 – volt power outlet within 100 feet of the installation. If an outlet is not available we do offer generators for rent (depending on availability). Please inform Indy Bounce if you plan to install the unit on a hard surface as tarps will be needed. Also, alert Indy Bounce if you have a sprinkler system as large stakes are used to secure the unit. Sandbags can be used in place of stakes if needed. If you plan to use the unit at a Park, please contact the park for approval prior to the rental day.


Once your reservation is made you may cancel at any time up to 2 weeks before your delivery date. In the event of cancelation, your deposit is returned, minus any non-refundable credit card or paypal fees.  If you need to cancel inside your two-week window you will be charged a cancellation fee of $60, but that can be applied to a future rental.


Safety is our #1 concern. If winds are in excess of 18 MPH or conditions are not suitable for our units, we reserve the right to cancel the rental at any time. Weather is always a large concern for outdoor rentals and inclement weather can be cause for cancellation of the unit. If this occurs there will be an issued refund or event date will be moved.

Bad weather can arrive such as rain, lightning, or strong winds. You want to evacuate the inflatable as quickly as possible. After everyone has exited the unit, deflate the unit by turning off the blower or fan. Bounce houses and slides should be folded over once so the interior is protected from the weather.

* Please remain calm in the event you lose electrical power because you will have ample time to help your guests exit safely and quickly. Each person should exit the unit. Check to see if the unit has become unplugged from the electrical outlet or detached from the fan. If so, reattach the exhaust and secure the strap to the fan.

Have everyone exit the unit, unplug the unit and allow it to deflate. All shoes need to be removed along with any sharp objects, toys, etc. Silly String is absolutely prohibited from being used inside the bouncer and a $100 cleanup fee will be assessed if Silly String has been used.

If the unit becomes damaged please write out the details and call Indy Bounce immediately.

Capacities of the units are as follows:

  • Under 7, 10-12 children
  • 8 – 12, 7 – 10 persons
  • over 12, 5 – 7 persons

Weight restrictions — 200 lbs per person max
Maximum of 2 people at a time on the slide of comparable weight, height, & size.

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